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Acute illness and hospitalisation are important events in the trajectory leading to disability in elderly people. It is calculated that 35% of elderly patients decline in ‘Activity of Daily Living’ function between baseline and discharge. This rate may increase to 50% in people aged 85 and older.
This can increase dependence and increase need of home care and prolonged disability. In fact, one year following discharge, fewer than half of older adults have recovered to their pre-illness levels of functioning and rates of nursing home placement and death are high.
Hence, after a recent illness, you can have a rehabilitation to improve strength, confidence and function. You can have it as an inpatient at BMI Thornbury Hospital. Please call BMI Thornbury for a quote. My specialist will be £200 for an hour on admission and then, £100 for 30 min everyday till you stay under my care. You will have access to a therapist team (OT/PT/Dietician/SLT).
I can also arrange your rehabilitation (with a Physiotherapist only) in your own home if your needs are only physical. In that case, you will only pay the physiotherapist (per visit basis).


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