Acute illness and hospitalisation are important events in the trajectory leading to disability in elderly people. It is calculated that 35% of elderly patients decline in ‘Activity of Daily Living’ function between baseline and discharge. This rate may increase to 50% in people aged 85 and older. This can increase dependence and increase need of home care and prolonged disability.…


A face-to-face hospital consultation can be arranged within 48 hours. This depends upon availability of ‘consulting room’. To arrange an appointment, contact directly- Claremont: 0114 386 3558 (Mon-Thur: after 5pm) BMI THornbury: 0114 266 1133 (Sat 9-11am) Fee: New – £300 (60min); FU – £200 (30min upto 3 months) (includes report writing and coordinating care with GP)


If you need an urgent consultation, then, it may be easier for you to be seen in your own home. This will also help to avoid travelling or exposure to hospital environment. An appointment with me can be arranged same day (Contact us). Fee (<5 miles): New – £350 (60min); FU – £250 (30min) upto 3 months  (includes report writing…


You can also arrange a video or telephone consultation. This appointment would be appropriate if you would like to discuss your health issues or if you wish to take a second opinion about your treatment. You can book an appointment from anywhere and can attend from everywhere.  Fee: £200 (30min) (includes report writing and coordinating care with GP) To use…


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